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Meet the EEASY™ LID
Say goodbye to hard-to-open lids.

Twist and shout with joy. A new era in lids has arrived. By combining advanced technology and a refusal to accept the status quo, a new generation of lids has been born. Our revolutionary design simply requires a light button push to release the vacuum from the container, making the closure a snap to remove. After releasing the vacuum, an individual can reset the button by simply pressing on the bottom/product side of the button for storage of any remaining product. That means ensuring freshness has never been easier either.

The push button is adaptable to current closure designs for capping containers of all sizes with a vacuum sealed product. Our technology allows us to incorporate the button without any additional material. The EEASY™ lid technology causes little or minimal degradation to graphics or lithography. Now your decision on lids is easy, too!

Our revolutionary push button tech changes the game forever.

Lightweight yet secure, reliable, and durable. It’s the best lid ever.

No more straining. Lids open easily, quickly, and safely.

Our Lids Top Them All!

Life Cycle of the EEASY™ Lid: Proof Points

Adding the EEASY™ Lid boosts sales by more than 300%

Boyer’s Case Study


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How does the consumer reset the EEASY Lid once it has been opened?2020-03-20T14:31:55+00:00

Once the EEASY Lid has been opened and the vacuum released, the consumer will place their thumb on the bottom/product side of the button and simply press the button to pop it back into place allowing the score to reset.

Will the EEASY lid leak once it has been opened and it falls on its side?2020-03-20T14:35:03+00:00

Tests have been conducted pertaining to this issue. In the tests, the EEASY lid was opened and reset, then placed on a container filled with water and weighed. The containers were either laid on their side or turned upside down for seven days. In all tests conducted, the maximum amount of water that escaped was less than one-tenth of an ounce after seven days causing no degradation in product freshness.

Is there product degradation?2020-03-20T14:36:47+00:00

The Consumer opens the EEASY lid by pushing the button downward, releasing the vacuum and then the consumer resets the button. The degradation of the food product is no more at risk than when opening and closing the closure multiple times removing the product for consumption.

What improvements have been made to the design concerning safety issues?2020-03-20T14:39:11+00:00

A high priority is placed on safety for food packaging with Manufacturers, Retailers and Consumers. Therefore, the EEASY Lid was designed with tamper evident features to ensure the product is safe before purchasing or consumption. The first feature pertains to the EEASY button itself. If the button has been pressed which breaks a small score releasing the vacuum, you will visually be able to see the broken score. The second tamper evident feature is the safety button that surrounds the EEASY Lid technology. If the vacuum has been released, then the panel on the lid surrounding the EEASY button is raised and flexible. This would then indicate that the vacuum has been released. It operates the same way as the safety button on standard jar lids today. Having these tamper evident features on the EEASY Lid gives the consumer the confidence that the product is not only easier to open but safe and fresh.

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James C. Bach

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