Packaging Trends: U.S. and Europe

Packaging trends differ from country to country but there are a few trends that go beyond borders, becoming mainstays on products across regions. For example, in the U.S. and Europe, the growth of private label brands, preference for sustainability and market need for product accessibility are some of the trends that are here to stay and have an influence on packaging. Private Label Brands Source: PLMA Private label brand sales are climbing in Europe and the U.S., grabbing market share from national brands. Data from the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) revealed that grocery market share of private label brands in Europe grew to 37% in 2022, representing 302 billion euros. In the U.S., store brands grew at [...]

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Q&A With CCT President Brandon Bach

It’s Q&A time. We recently sat down with CCT president Brandon Bach to talk about the jar lid industry, safe packaging, sustainability in packaging and what’s on the horizon for CCT. Read on to find out the answers to your most searched questions on these topics and more.   Where is the EEASY Lid produced?   The EEASY Lid is produced at CCT’s 16,000 square foot, state-of-the-art technology center in Dayton, Ohio. At this facility, we have the capability to produce approximately 800 EEASY Lids per minute – more than 250 million annually.    What is the difference between a CT and lug lid?  Lug lids and continuous thread (CT) lids are the two most common types of metal lid closures [...]

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The EEASY Lid Hits Store Shelves Across New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Paul Guglielmo holding Guglielmo's Sauce topped with the EEASY Lid The EEASY Lid continues to expand its shelf presence. We are excited to share the news that CCT’s patented EEASY Lid hit store shelves last week across 250+ New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania grocery stores atop jars of Guglielmo’s Sauce. Fans of this tasty sauce will find its jars much easier to open – up to 50% easier – thanks to the EEASY Lid.     New York-based Guglielmo’s sauce is produced by Craft Cannery, a co-packer that has converted its production line to exclusively use the 63 mm aluminum lug EEASY Lid. Craft Cannery also uses the EEASY Lid for Boyer’s Food Markets’ in-house pasta sauce brand, available in [...]

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CCT In the News: Spotlight Shines on the EEASY Lid

National and international media coverage continues to shine a spotlight on CCT and the EEASY Lid. One of the most exciting pieces of recent coverage appeared in Forbes last month. Forbes is a global media outlet which focuses on news and information about business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership.   In the article headlined “Why CCT Is Working To ‘Say Goodbye To Hard-To-Open Lids’ With Accessible EEASY Lid Tech,” Forbes contributor Steven Aquino interviewed CCT president Brandon Bach to get the answer.   Brandon explained that the EEASY Lid has been in research and development for the last eight years and discussed the large addressable market for this packaging. This market includes the over 100 million Americans identifying as having some [...]

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Private Label Brands Continue to Grow in Popularity

Private label brands are increasingly becoming staples in consumer pantries. According to a report from IRI, 99.7% of U.S. households purchase store brands. Food and beverage products are categories where store brands are capturing a growing share of wallet. Shoppers contending with inflationary pressures are fueling the growth of private label brands. Today, an increasing number of cost-conscious consumers are seeking out more competitively priced store brands to stretch their grocery dollar. From pasta sauce to salsa to peanut butter and bread, store brands are providing consumers with high quality products at substantial savings. Research conducted by Consumer Reports found that store brands typically cost 5 to 72% less per serving than the name brands. The cost savings and quality are [...]

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The Lighter Side of Packaging

Lightweight packaging solutions are becoming the packaging of choice for brands looking to reduce costs, increase sustainability and enhance customer loyalty as consumers seek sustainable products. Packaging innovations hitting the market today like the EEASY Lid are designed to do all of that, raising the bar on sustainability, durability, and performance.    Adopting lightweight packaging made of sustainable materials designed to safely protect products can position brands to capture an increasing share of wallet from consumers who are intentionally searching for environmentally friendly products on grocery store shelves. In fact, a 2021 survey found that globally, 85% of people indicate that they have shifted their purchase behavior towards being more sustainable in the past five years.     It's not only [...]

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World Cancer Day 2023

World Cancer Day, observed each year on February 4, is a global initiative led by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to raise worldwide awareness of cancer detection, prevention and treatment and catalyze personal, collective and government action aimed at reducing the global impact of cancer. This year marks the second phase of the “Close the Gap” World Cancer Day campaign theme, which kicked off in 2022. The focus of this phase is to recognize the power of working together and “is all about celebrating progress in its many forms that enable more people to seek and receive the care they need and deserve.”   According to the World Health Organization (WHO) between 30-50% of all cancer cases are preventable. World [...]

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What’s New in Accessible Packaging

Companies are increasingly working to make their products and packaging easier to use for the estimated one billion people – 15% of the world’s population – who have some type of disability. According to data from analyst firm Forrester, 60% of companies now have an executive-mandated commitment to creating accessible products. Recent developments show that brands are making strides toward delivering on these accessibility commitments. Some of the companies most recently making news in this area include: Source: Comcast Comcast Calling it an industry first, Comcast introduced a remote which combines Xfinity’s Voice Remote technology with accessibility features that create a better experience for people with vision, mobility, and dexterity impairments. Some of the features designed to enhance [...]

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Just the Facts: Telling A Brand’s Sustainability Story

Eco-conscious consumers are holding companies more accountable than ever for sustainability in products and packaging. Brands are seeing sustainability elevated to a competitive differentiator as consumers increasingly make purchase decisions aligned with their values. In effort to capture share of wallet, companies across the globe are touting the eco-friendly attributes of their products. As companies continue to barrage consumers with sustainability claims, consumers are examining these claims for signs of greenwashing (defined as when a company makes claims to persuade people that they are doing more to protect the environment than they really are). To stand up to that scrutiny and avoid greenwashing, brands must ensure they are communicating transparently and truthfully about the sustainable attributes of their products and [...]

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CCT At the Winter Fancy Food Show

CCT closed out 2022 with some exciting news. After the first 12 weeks on store shelves in Boyer’s Food Markets, the EEASY Lid increased sales of Boyer’s private label pasta sauce brand by 104% (in comparison to a similar private label brand in the same shelf space during the same period last year)! Riding this high and looking to further expand EEASY Lid availability to consumers, CCT kicked off the new year on the road, traveling to the 2023 Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas. Held January 15-17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the show is the largest B2B specialty food event in the western U.S., featuring thousands of specialty food and beverage products from around the world. [...]

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