Government Initiatives Help Drive Sustainability in the Food Industry

The food sector is a major contributor to the climate crisis, creating a global challenge that requires collective action to tackle. Governments are working to be part of the solution to this pressing problem with programs and policies designed to promote and support sustainability in the food system. Many of these government sustainability efforts are targeted at reducing food loss and food waste (FLW). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that in 2018 in the United States, more food reached landfills and combustion facilities than any other single material in our everyday trash. With 20% of total U.S. methane emissions coming from landfills, reducing wasted food will play a significant role in helping the nation address climate change. In the [...]

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Embracing the Circular Economy

Earlier this year Target announced a new sustainability strategy called Target Forward aimed at working with guests, partners and communities to co-create a more equitable and regenerative future. To help achieve this, Target plans to design 100% of products under its private labels for a circular future by 2040. This initiative includes using materials that are regenerative, recycled or sourced sustainably to create products that are more durable, easily repaired or recyclable. With efforts like these, Target is among a growing number of brands embracing the circular economy to reduce waste and shrink their carbon footprint. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, an organization that works with business, government and academia to build a framework for a circular economy, a [...]

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Disability Awareness Day: Rethinking Product and Packaging Design for Accessibility

September 12, 2021, marked International Disability Awareness Day, an event started in the UK 30 years ago to encourage support for those with disabilities and increase awareness of solutions designed to help disabled people live more independently. Companies all over the world can join this effort and do their part to support the disabled community by focusing on making products and packaging more accessible.   A growing number of companies are designing products and packaging to serve the historically underserved disabled community. This is not only the right thing to do – it is also good for business. Consider that the over 1 billion people worldwide who live with some form of disability have a global spending power of more than $6 trillion, according to eSSENTIAL Accessibility. Source: eSSENTIAL Accessibility Designing products and packaging for inclusivity and accessibility is a win/win for brands, expanding the customer base and engendering brand loyalty which means more market share and profits for companies.  Consulting firm McKinsey noted, “by embracing accessible [...]

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Recognizing National Senior Citizens Day: Products and Innovations that Support Senior Independent Living

August 21st marked the celebration of National Senior Citizens Day. Created by presidential proclamation in 1988, this special day honors senior citizens and raises awareness about issues that affect senior citizens and their quality of life. The desire for independent living which becomes harder as people age is one of the major issues senior citizens face. To help seniors maintain their independence, brands are developing products and innovations that support this independence by making their lives easier and safer. Today, thanks to improved living conditions, nutrition and healthcare people are living longer. In 2018, 52 million people age 65 and over lived in the United States, accounting for 16% of the total population. That number is projected to increase to [...]

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Conserving Raw Materials and Resources with Innovative Packaging Design

In an article published earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal noted “Everywhere You Look, The Global Supply Chain is a Mess.” Supply chain disruptions, which began during the pandemic, continue as raw material and resource shortages impact a wide range of industries, including the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. According to data from Mintec Global cited by CNBC, there is “a major shortage in packaging materials such as plastics, paper and metals, which drove packaging costs up more than 50% since the start of the pandemic.” Materials constraints are creating a shortage of everything from cardboard boxes to resins used to manufacture plastic films for flexible packaging, disrupting supply chains and depleting product inventories. As intense demand for packaging [...]

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Packaging Innovation Spotlight

Consumer demand for innovative packaging solutions is rising. Forward-thinking companies are responding by developing packaging technology that creates a superior brand experience. New consumer-friendly packaging innovations hitting the market include solutions that boost inclusivity, sustainability and functionality. Inclusive packaging innovations Advancements in packaging design are working to create more accessible brand experiences that enhance usability and deliver better user experiences for everyone. Companies like Victorialand Beauty are doing just that with packaging for the visually impaired. The company’s CyR.U.S. System of Raised Universal Symbols effectively makes product identification and product usage information more accessible by touch. The system is comprised of raised trademarked symbols, which are located on the bottle or jar caps of each product. The company’s packaging also [...]

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The Role of Packaging in Reducing Food Waste

Approximately 815 million people worldwide don’t have enough to eat. Even as food insecurity remains a global issue, the world produces 1.4 billion tons of food waste – enough to feed as many as 2 billion people each year. In the United States, food waste is estimated at between 30% to 40% of the food supply and over 70 billion pounds of food waste reaches our landfills every year according to the EPA. Research reveals that the average household wastes 31.9% of the food it buys, translating to annual U.S. consumer-level food waste valued at $240 billion. A UN Environmental Programme report noted that food waste “has substantial environmental, social and economic impacts.” The report pointed out that 8 to [...]

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It’s Clear – Consumers Prefer Brand Transparency

Consumers prefer brands that provide transparency around their products. Concerns about where products come from, how they are made and how they are packaged are driving consumer preferences for brands that transparently provide this information. Two aspects of transparency in particular – clean labels and sustainability – are clear winners with consumers whose share of wallet is increasingly going to brands that get transparency in these areas right. A recent Top Ten Trends for 2021 report by Innova Market Insights found that three in five global consumers are interested in learning about where their food comes from and how it is made and three in four global consumers expect companies to invest in sustainability. Brand transparency for shoppers in part [...]

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The Results Are in: Aluminum Lug EEASY Lid Exceeds Consumer Expectations in New Study

Following the launch of our aluminum lug EEASY Lid back in March, we are excited to release the results of North Cliff Consultants, Inc.’s – an independent contract testing services for manufacturers and retailers – consumer study that looked at the difficulty of opening traditional jar lids compared to the EEASY Lid. Last year, North Cliff performed a similar study for the CT version of the EEASY Lid, which returned excellent results. While we expected the EEASY Lid to have an impact on how easily participants were able to open a jar, we were thrilled with the outstanding results that showed the EEASY Lid stood up to the test. The study revealed that nearly 50 percent of consumers struggle to [...]

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Consumers Give Resealable Packaging Their Seal of Approval

Consumer preferences and behaviors are shaping resealable packaging innovations that respond to the need for convenience dictated by today’s busy lifestyles. In fact, 57% of consumers want more resealable packages according to data cited in a recent GreenBiz article. Brands are increasingly using resealable product packaging to deliver this convenience and boost consumer satisfaction with their products. Convenience is just one of the major reasons resealable packaging appeals to consumers. Consumers also give this packaging their seal of approval for its ability to help create healthier eating habits, reduce food waste and keep food fresh. Portion control is important to consumers wanting to develop healthier eating habits. Tapping into the single-serve trend, resealable packaging allows products to be consumed in [...]

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