The Jar Lid Finally Catches Up to 75+ Years of Innovation

The history of the jar lid is not a story of steady progression and innovation. While the 20th century featured significant innovation, the jar lid remained the same for decades until CCT debuted the EEASY Lid in 2019. One of the first modern era jar lids was invented by tinsmith John L. Mason in 1858. Mason developed a way to cut threads into a metal lid made of zinc. This threaded and gasketed lid served as the closure for a reusable matching threaded glass jar known as the Mason Jar. Jar lid innovation continued in 1882 when Henry Putnam designed the “lightning jar.” This jar had a glass lid held in place by a metal clamp. A rubber ring was [...]

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The Sustainability Imperative for Packing Production Lines

As containers and packaging continue to make up a major portion of municipal solid waste, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are facing a global imperative to shrink their carbon footprint by making the shift to sustainable packaging. Shifting to sustainable packaging formats is fast becoming an existential issue for companies. Those that adapt manufacturing processes and production lines to support sustainable packaging solutions will thrive. Those that don’t will be left behind. According to the PMMI Business Intelligence, “Packaging Sustainability: A Changing Landscape 2020” report cited in Packaging World, approximately 1 in 4 CPGs are making machine purchases or modifications specifically to address packaging sustainability goals. Environmentally conscious consumers are helping to accelerate CPG sustainable packaging initiatives. Consumers are increasingly embracing [...]

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Aluminum Packaging Solutions: The Circular Economy in Action

Our current linear economy of take-make-waste in production and consumption is threatening the health of our planet. Climate change and biodiversity loss are the damaging fallout from this resource intensive way of life. Turning this around will take a concerted, collaborative effort to transition to a circular economy. Aluminum is one material that can play a key role in moving toward a resource-efficient, circular economy. A circular economy keeps products and materials in use for as long as possible and regenerates natural systems. Making the shift to a circular economy is critical to reducing the 45% of harmful emissions that are generated from the way we make and use products and food and mitigating the more than 90% of biodiversity [...]

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How Packaging Companies Can Prioritize a Sustainability Focus This Earth Day and Beyond

On April 22nd, 1970, the world celebrated its first Earth Day to provide a voice to environmental consciousness. Now, over the past 50+ years, there are 1 billion individuals mobilized for action each Earth Day, with over 190 engaged countries. Source: Charity Navigator While nearly every industry has found a way to play its part in sustainability, perhaps one of the most important industries to do so is the packaging industry. According to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute, The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that plastic and other packaging waste makes up around 30% of total U.S. waste annually. Not only is the environment demanding more sustainable practices from packaging companies – consumers are as well. According to a [...]

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Leaner Approach to Product Stocking Calls for Sustainable, Accessible Products

Grocery stores are still facing supply chain shortages, which continue to result in empty store shelves. U.S. groceries typically have 5% to 10% of their items out of stock at any given time; earlier this year that unavailability rate hovered around 15%, according to a report by USA Today. In the face of these challenges, retail grocers are reevaluating product stocking strategies. Some stores are considering taking a “less is more” approach to their product mix. An article in Food Dive noted that “analysts who follow the food and grocery space say not only are product categories overloaded with multiple brands, product sizes, flavors or other attributes — making them ripe for a pullback to begin with — but retailers are [...]

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Stand-Out Packaging Innovations

The global food packaging market is projected to grow from $338.34 billion in 2021 to $478.18 billion in 2028 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.1% during this forecast period. Consumer demand for packaging that is innovative, sustainable and accessible are several of the key factors driving the growth of this market. Brands are responding by developing packaging solutions designed with features that satisfy one or more of these areas of consumer demand. Here are some of the latest packaging innovations that are attracting attention and helping brands stand-out from the competition: EnviroClip™ is a minimal material paperboard alternative to plastic rings and shrink film for standard beverage cans. Made from a single ply of paperboard, produced using [...]

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Sustainability: A Key Driver of Post-Pandemic Growth for Retail Grocers

During the pandemic the global retail grocery sector experienced a huge surge in growth. In 2020, this sector grew 10% as consumers stocked up on food and other necessities, cooked more meals at home and avoided restaurants to adhere to social distancing mandates. With the economy opening back up and people feeling more comfortable about eating out again, overall growth in the U.S. grocery market is projected to slow to a 3.3% annual rate this year, down from 4.5% in 2021. As consumers ease back into pre-pandemic spending patterns, retail grocers will need to find ways to differentiate themselves to grow and gain a competitive advantage. Today, sustainability is key driver of growth for retail grocers as more and more [...]

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Sustainable Packaging Innovations: Delivering Value to Today’s Sustainably Minded Consumers

Concerns about climate change and protecting the environment continue to influence consumer purchasing behavior. A survey by Acosta revealed that 60% of shoppers are paying more attention to product packaging and its impact on the environment and 65% would like to see companies investing more in sustainability. As a brand’s sustainability story becomes increasingly important to consumers, manufacturers are ramping up their adoption of sustainable packaging innovations, fueling the growth of the global green packaging market. According to Grand View Research, the global green packaging market size was valued at $274.15 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1% from 2020 to 2028. Sustainability is not just a trend – it [...]

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Celebrating World Consumer Rights Day

World Consumer Rights Day, celebrated on March 15th every year, is a global event aimed at raising awareness on issues related to consumer rights, needs, protection, and empowerment.  Organized by Consumer International, World Consumer Rights Day was inspired by President John F. Kennedy, who on March 15, 1962 called on the U.S. Congress to enact legislation to protect consumer rights. In this speech, he outlined four fundamental consumer rights — the right to safety, the right to be informed, the right to choose, and the right to be heard. Source: National Today World Consumer Rights Day provides an opportunity to highlight the need for brands to package their products with these fundamental consumer rights in mind. The right to safety [...]

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CCT in the News: From Transparent Packaging Practices to Environmental Impacts and Manufacturing Needs

Here at CCT, our main goals as a company go beyond providing a positive jar opening experience to consumers. In our most recent coverage roundup, learn how we are working to build consumer trust through transparency, prioritize sustainability through alternative packaging materials and help potential customers future-proof their manufacturing line to accommodate new packaging such as the EEASY Lid. Our own CCT President, Brandon Bach, had an article featured in the January 2022 print issue of Sustainable Packaging News. The article touched on the importance of building consumer trust through transparency, highlighting how brands can rethink their strategies to allow them to deliver on consumer demands – such as sustainability focuses – for product transparency. Earlier this year, we had [...]

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