Family Affair: Father-Son Duo Leading the Charge to Make Packaging More Accessible 

Each June for the past 50 years, families in the United States have been celebrating Father’s Day to commemorate fatherhood and appreciate all fathers and father-figures. Celebrated on the third Saturday in June, Father’s Day is just around the corner. We thought this was a perfect opportunity to highlight the unique bond of CCT’s very own father-son duo.   

James Bach, CCT’s co-founder and managing partner and father of Brandon Bach, CCT’s president, share a passion for making packing more accessible with the EEASY Lid and a drive to put the EEASY Lid in the hands of every consumer who has ever had difficulty opening a jar (that would include a majority of the population!).  

Recognizing that most packaging designs lack accessibility, the father-son duo and CCT team worked tirelessly, developing prototype after prototype before hitting on a jar lid design that meets the needs of the 21st century consumer.  

Eight years in development, the EEASY Lid accomplished what hundreds and hundreds of patents filed before it failed to do – transform the jar lid for the first time in 75 years to make opening jars easy for everyone. The EEASY Lid’s revolutionary design allows consumers to vent a jar by simply pressing a button on the lid, reducing the torque needed to open a lid by up to 50%.   

Since the EEASY Lid was first introduced in 2019, Jim and Brandon have been working to ramp up production, increase awareness of the EEASY Lid and market this accessible, sustainable packaging innovation nationally and internationally to both stores and brands.  

We are glad to have such a dynamic father-son duo so committed to bringing accessible packaging to consumers.   

As people around the globe prepare special Father’s Day meals or snacking spreads, opening jarred products that day and every day should be a no struggle, no frustration, anyone-can-do-it experience.   

Jim, Brandon and CCT are on a mission to make that happen.  

We would like to wish all fathers and father-figures out there a happy Father’s Day and thank you for all you do.   

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