A Top Five of the Worst and Most Head Scratching Jar Opening Hacks

Picture this, you have been thinking all day about snacking on your favorite brand of pickle (or insert your jarred snack food of choice) and standing between you and that crunchy goodness is a jar lid that is just too stubborn to open. Whether the jar holds pickles, pasta sauce, jam, salsa or any of the many other jarred food items, we all have likely had the experience of facing off against hard to open jars. Indeed, the experience is almost universal according to the results of our new survey which found that 71% of respondents say they always or sometimes struggle to open jarred food items.

To win the battle against stubborn jar lids, consumers have come up with some pretty creative, sometimes dangerous and even a little head scratching jar opening hacks such as:

Source: Popular Mechanics

1. Applying heat around a metal lid with a hair dryer
2. Taking a knife or other sharp object and puncturing a hole in the lid to release the vacuum seal
3. Using a pair of rubber cleaning gloves to get a better grip on the jar
4. Slicing around a tennis ball and using the cut-out piece to get a better grasp on jar lids
5. Wrapping duct tape around the lid, leaving a length to form a handle and yanking open the lid

No one should have to resort to using hairstyling tools, kitchen utensils, cleaning aids, sporting equipment or a hardware store staple to open stubborn jar lids. There is an easier way.

Our EEASY Lid eliminates the need for these and other jar opening hacks. The revolutionary EEASY Lid works by simply pressing a button on the lid, which vents the vacuum seal and allows for consumers to easily unscrew the lid. The EEASY Lid reduces the amount of torque needed to twist off a jar lid by more than 40%, leaving nothing standing in the way of consumers and their jarred foods of choice.

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