CCT In the News: Spotlight Shines on the EEASY Lid

National and international media coverage continues to shine a spotlight on CCT and the EEASY Lid. One of the most exciting pieces of recent coverage appeared in Forbes last month. Forbes is a global media outlet which focuses on news and information about business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership.


In the article headlined “Why CCT Is Working To ‘Say Goodbye To Hard-To-Open Lids’ With Accessible EEASY Lid Tech,” Forbes contributor Steven Aquino interviewed CCT president Brandon Bach to get the answer.  

Brandon explained that the EEASY Lid has been in research and development for the last eight years and discussed the large addressable market for this packaging. This market includes the over 100 million Americans identifying as having some sort of disability, the elderly and people suffering from illness or injury – all people who would truly appreciate an innovative product like the EEASY Lid. 


Aquino writes “the majority of people likely would look at CCT’s gadget and deem it convenient; while this is true, it’s a mistake to conflate sheer convenience with accessibility. The EEASY Lid may be more convenient to open, sure, but it may also be a lifeline for those who can’t open things easily, if at all.” 


The article highlighted that much of the EEASY Lid’s success to date “has come from good old-fashioned word-of-mouth advertising, where buyers are excitedly sharing the news about the product with family and/or friends who may find it useful themselves.”  


CCT’s future plans – including continuing to push toward further commercialization of the EEASY Lid while investigating other avenues for expansion – were outlined in the piece. Brandon noted that CCT is hoping to raise the product’s awareness globally, with grocers being interested in carrying the EEASY Lid in their stores. He also noted that CCT plans to experiment with different size lids to accommodate different containers.  


Aquino concluded that “all told, Bach is heartened and encouraged by the reception his company’s work has garnered thus far. It portends a bright future for an organization that looks at assistive technologies in a unique way.” 


This Forbes coverage included a photo of the EEASY Lid and a link to CCT’s explainer video.  


Read the full article here. 


CCT entered the national spotlight again when Forbes contributor Aquino mentioned the company in an article highlighting new Reyhee scooter technology. Wrapping up the article, Aquino advanced the concept that while scooters may not be as exciting or technically interesting as, say, an iPhone or a MacBook, they are nonetheless important. Relating this concept to the EEASY Lid and referencing his article on CCT, Aquino wrote “this concept was recently explored in this space. I published an interview last month with Brandon Bach, president of Consumer Convenience Technologies, or CCT, about the company’s innovative EEASY Lid for jars. Like scooters and wheelchairs, accessible packaging may be unsexy but essential; notably, they’re key accommodations that help society foster empathy and inclusivity.”  


CCT’s media coverage momentum continued with an article appearing on the Associated New York State Food Processors (ANYSFP) website. Entitled “ANYSFP Members Team Up to Provide Accessible Options for Consumers,” the article described the EEASY Lid as a packaging innovation “designed to help brands provide an unprecedented level of accessibility to their jarred food products.”  


The article also noted that the EEASY Lid provides “the high-performance packaging protection food manufacturers need to ensure the highest quality, safety and integrity of their jarred products.” Underscoring this point, the article referenced “rigorous testing by the Cornell University Department of Food Science which confirms that the EEASY Lid ensures the safety and stability of food products hot-filled into glass containers, providing a stable hermetic seal.” 


Detailing the success of the EEASY Lid on Pennsylvania-based Boyer’s Food Markets new Boyer’s brand pasta sauce line, the article reported that during the first three months on shelves, Boyer’s products with the EEASY Lid more than doubled the sales (104% increase) of a comparable private label brand occupying the same shelf space during the same period last year.  


Read the full article here. 


On the international front, Packaging Europe mentioned the EEASY Lid – “reportedly reducing the torque needed to twist it open by 40% compared to standard continuous thread lids, resulting in a more accessible design.” 


Rounding out recent CCT media coverage, an article in Beauty Packaging examined the shift toward accessibility and sustainability in cosmetic packaging and highlighted CCT’s work “on a lid that eliminates the tough twist caused by the vacuum seal, with a push-down button to release the seal.” 


The EEASY Lid will soon be available in an additional 250 stores across New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. As the spotlight continues to shine on CCT and the EEASY Lid, watch this space for updates on the latest news and developments. 

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