What’s New: The EEASY Lid Hits More Store Shelves + CCT Team at the 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show

CCT recently announced that Chilau Foods’ southern-inspired stew and boil bases topped with the EEASY Lid are now available at 250 Meijer stores in the Midwest. That’s great news for shoppers in the region looking for bold, ethnic flavor profiles to spice up meals and accessible packaging that makes meal prep easier and more convenient.

Packaging that is easy to open is something consumers both need and want. While many companies have created gadgets aimed at opening stubborn jar lids, CCT actually solved the problem by inventing a new jar lid that reduces the amount of torque needed to twist off the lid by up to 50%. The aluminum EEASY Lid is also a sustainable packaging solution that appeals to the ever-growing number of environmentally conscious consumers.

The EEASY Lid is now available on two of Chilau’s flavors – Original Southern Style and Low County Citrus – in more than 250 Meijer grocery stores in six states: Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Kentucky.

“Meijer shoppers can now make their favorite stews and boils without the obstacle of opening a stubborn jar lid. We are looking forward to having Chilau Foods topped with the EEASY Lid available in more grocers across the country in the coming months,” said Michael Anderson, founder of Chilau Foods.

In addition to Meijer stores, the EEASY Lid is currently being used on products in more than 250 Wegmans, Stop & Shop, Price Chopper and Tops Friendly Markets stores as well as select specialty grocers in the Northeast. The EEASY Lid is also being used on products in EDEKA Kempken stores in Krefeld, Germany.

On the heels of announcing the increased availability of the EEASY Lid atop Chilau’s product line on store shelves, the CCT team once again hit the road – heading to New York City to exhibit the EEASY Lid at the 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show.

The Specialty Food Association’s (SFA) 68th Summer Fancy Food Show was held from June 23-25 and featured more than 2,300 specialty food products from around the world. Considered the premier product discovery event for the specialty food industry, the show is the place where buyers, distributors, investors, and more get a first-hand look at the trendsetters and best-sellers of the future.

The show attracted thousands of attendees interested in the big business of specialty foods. The specialty food category reached $207 billion in sales in 2023 and is projected to grow $219 billion this year.

Open only to qualified members of the specialty food trade, industry affiliates, and journalists, the 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show provided valuable opportunities for the CCT team to increase awareness of the EEASY Lid, generate sales leads and forge new business relationships.

Continue to watch this space for more exciting EEASY Lid news and developments!

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