CCT and the EEASY Lid Are Back in the News

CCT and the EEASY Lid are frequently spotlighted in international, national and local media outlets. From new partnerships, to expanded availability of the EEASY Lid on store shelves to trade show appearances, CCT and the EEASY Lid continue to make news. Below, you’ll find links to the latest articles we’d love for you to read and share.

In its “Best in New Food and Beverage Packaging April 2024” round up, Packaging Digest, a leading packaging industry publication, highlighted the news of Sixth City Sauce becoming the latest brand to adopt the EEASY Lid.

AL Circle, a one-stop hub for information and news on the aluminum industry, covered the news of Chilau Foods exhibiting its Southern-inspired stew and boil bases topped with the EEASY Lid at the KeHE Holiday Show in Chicago. The article noted that the EEASY Lid’s patented technology simplifies the process of opening vacuum-sealed jars with a single push-button mechanism. This piece of coverage also recognized the EEASY Lid as the “world’s inaugural aluminum lug jar lid, which not only enhances accessibility but also champions sustainability. Its aluminum construction offers a greener alternative to traditional steel lids while maintaining comparable durability.”

A leading magazine for the specialty foods industry, Gourmet News reported on the announcement that Chilau Foods’ Southern-inspired stew and boil bases topped with the EEASY Lid are now available on shelves in more than 250 Meijer stores across the Midwest.

Medium, a publishing platform where over 100 million people connect and share a diverse array of stories and ideas, featured the EEASY Lid in an ultimate summer roundup of “seriously cool products that promise to add fun, comfort, and convenience to your season.” In describing the EEASY Lid, the author said, “with a simple press, twist, and pop, even the kids can get in on the cooking action without worrying about flying pickles. It’s a small win for your wrists and a big win for your kitchen efficiency.”

Recently, Anuga FoodTec Magazine, a digital magazine offering news, insights, trend reports, and interviews related to the foodtec industry, featured an in-depth interview with CCT president Brandon Bach. In the interview, Brandon highlighted that the EEASY lid helps brand manufacturers make their jarred foods more accessible, which is increasingly important in meeting the needs of different customer groups and for standing out from the competition.

When asked about the safety of the EEASY Lid, Brandon explained that the EEASY lid provides the packaging protection that food brands and manufacturers need to ensure the highest quality, safety, and integrity of their products. Noting that safety is a top priority at CCT, he described how the EEASY Lid is designed with a safety ring that indicates to the customer whether the lid button has been pressed. When a jar is vacuum sealed, the safety ring is in a lower position; when the vacuum is released, the safety ring moves up and down.

Trend Hunter, a platform featuring a daily dose of innovative ideas, viral news, and pop culture, also reported on Chilau Foods adopting the EEASY Lid for better accessibility. This piece noted that Chilau Foods’ adoption of the EEASY Lid sets a new standard in the accessible food packaging space.

Continue to watch this space to stay updated on all things EEASY Lid.

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