Accessible Packaging Roundup

Accessible packaging incorporates design features that make it easy for everyone to open and use products. Accessible packaging design elements include Braille labels and tactile features for those with visual impairments and easy-open mechanisms for those struggling with strength and dexterity issues. These and other accessible packaging features are a win for consumers of all ages and abilities and a win for brands. Consumers gain a better product experience, and brands reap the benefits of increased customer loyalty and expanded market reach.

While many food and beverage brands are aware of the importance of accessible packaging, more companies need to take action, prioritizing accessible packaging to ensure that easy to open and use products are widely available on store shelves.

Here’s a quick look at how several brands are prioritizing accessible packaging solutions and demonstrating their commitment to inclusivity:

– Nestlé’s Orzoro 120g package won the Italian Packaging Institute’s “Best Packaging 2024” award in the “accessibility” category. The product was recognized for its easy-to-use ergonomic packaging design as well as the resealable and easily removable lid which features two lateral grip tabs. The Orzoro package also contains basic information on the product in Braille for the blind and visually impaired.

Source: Beekman 1802

– Beekman 1802 is now offering its Bloom Cream Daily Face Moisturizer in a convenient new tube format that’s more accessible to all. The original Bloom Cream required two hands to apply. The new tube allows the cream to be applied with just one hand, eliminating barriers for people with disabilities.

– To help users with visual impairments set up Sony BRAVIA Theatre home audio products, a raised square frame on the package indicates a QR code for the BRAVIA Connect app, which offers screen reader support.

Sixth City Sauce became the fifth brand to adopt the EEASY Lid, elevating the accessibility of their products and providing consumers with the best experience. The EEASY Lid will top all Sixth City Sauce products sold in stores across the Northeast Ohio region. The first jar lid innovation in nearly 80 years, the EEASY Lid provides unparalleled accessibility, reducing the amount of torque needed to twist off a jar lid by up to 50%.

Creating accessible products that meet the needs of all consumers should be priority number one for all brands. Innovative packaging solutions designed for accessibility – like the EEASY Lid – stand ready to help brands embed accessibility in their products.  

Contact us today to learn more about how the EEASY Lid can make your packaging accessible, inclusive and user friendly. 

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