Brand Transparency: A Clear Imperative and Pathway to Growth

Consumers today are demanding more transparency from food brands. They want to know more about the ingredients, sourcing, nutritional information, manufacturing process, and sustainability of the products they buy.

Brands that provide a high level of transparency are rewarded by consumers with their trust and loyalty. This translates to more profitable relationships with customers and business growth.

Consumer expectations for brand transparency are rising. A Transparency Trends 2023 report by FMI – The Food Industry Association and NielsenIQ (NIQ) found that shoppers have prioritized product transparency at an increased rate over the last five years. Report data revealed that the proportion of grocery shoppers saying transparency is important increased seven percentage points from 2018 (69%) to 2023 (76%).

In a news release on the report, Sherry Frey, VP of Total Wellness for NIQ said: “As retail trading partners plan strategies for growth in 2024 and beyond, it is critical to understand the key consumer drivers and nuances of their purchasing behavior to achieve growth in the face of lingering high cost-of-living pressures. Simply put, the more product information retailers and brands can provide, the better.” 

Research shows that more transparent brands have a competitive advantage. According to NIQ data, two-thirds of shoppers (64%) say they would switch from a brand they usually buy to another brand that provides more in-depth product information, beyond nutrition facts.  

Source: Netscribes

To be truly transparent, companies must go beyond nutrition facts, providing clear information on almost every facet of a product including sustainability. Shoppers today are prioritizing sustainability, seeking information on the environmental impact of products, and spending their money with brands that promote a healthier environment.

Packaging that transparently and honestly conveys a product’s environmental impact will attract the growing number of conscious consumers who are increasingly purchasing products they believe make a positive social, environmental or economic impact.

Packaging innovations like the EEASY Lid are helping brands transparently tell a strong sustainability story that resonates with today’s consumers. Made of recyclable aluminum, the EEASY Lid helps brands reduce their impact on the environment, cultivate trust and loyalty with consumers and differentiate their products in a competitive market.

Brands that want to transparently and easily communicate packaging sustainability that earns consumer trust, drives loyalty and business growth need the EEASY Lid.

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