Stand-Out Packaging Innovations

The global food packaging market is projected to grow from $338.34 billion in 2021 to $478.18 billion in 2028 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.1% during this forecast period. Consumer demand for packaging that is innovative, sustainable and accessible are several of the key factors driving the growth of this market.

Brands are responding by developing packaging solutions designed with features that satisfy one or more of these areas of consumer demand. Here are some of the latest packaging innovations that are attracting attention and helping brands stand-out from the competition:

EnviroClip™ is a minimal material paperboard alternative to plastic rings and shrink film for standard beverage cans. Made from a single ply of paperboard, produced using renewable fiber from sustainably managed forests, EnviroClip enables beverage companies to significantly increase sustainability by replacing plastic packaging for can multipacks with a recyclable and renewable solution.

Source: Dawn

Dawn EZ-Squeeze bottle from Procter & Gamble (P&G), designed as an inverted bottle with a mess-free, no-flip cap which allows consumers to simply grab the bottle with one hand and squeeze it to dispense a controlled amount of the dish soap. A self-sealing valve in the Dawn EZ-Squeeze cap protects against leaks.

Dove Body Wash Reusable Bottles + Concentrate Refills by Unilever is packaging designed to reduce plastic waste with a buy once/refill many times concept. According to a report in Packaging Digest, “the product’s starter kit comprises a reusable pump bottle made of either aluminum or high-density polyethylene (HDPE), plus one 4-oz HDPE refill bottle containing body wash concentrate. The HDPE in both cases is recyclable. After their initial purchase, consumers only buy the small refills.”

Source: Papacks

PAPACKS®, a manufacturer based in Cologne, Germany, has developed a fully recyclable and compostable paper bottle. PAPACKS technology uses fiber and organic materials to create a 100% plastic-free bottle. The goal is for the entire package – including the bottle, label, cap and closure – to be compostable or recyclable with other paper products. A partnership with Keurig Dr Pepper Inc. (KDP) will test the innovation in selected products from KDP’s entire beverage portfolio.

EEASY Lid by CCT covers all the key consumer demand factors when it comes to packaging. A packaging solution that is innovative (the first major jar lid innovation in over 75 years), recyclable and sustainable (EEASY Lid is made from 100% recyclable aluminum) and accessible by design (EEASY Lid reduces the amount of torque needed to twist off a jar lid by more than 40% compared to standard CT lids and 58% for traditional lug lids). With all the must-have packaging features demanded by today’s consumers, EEASY Lid allows brands to better connect and engage with target markets and remain a step ahead of the competition.

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