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Welcome back to another CCT news coverage roundup. In this edition, we highlight media coverage of CCT and the EEASY Lid appearing in several leading food industry and packaging trade publications. Take a look!

Food Navigator, a leading online news source for the food industry, covered CCT partner Chilau Foods’ Wefunder crowdfunding campaign as well as the brand’s adoption of the EEASY Lid to create a more accessible product. Headlined “Chilau Foods turns to crowdfunding to expand distribution, cracks lid on packaging innovation,” this article detailed Chilau Foods’ startup journey including its crowdfunding campaign to support company expansion.

The article also highlighted how Chilau is boosting product accessibility with CCT’s EEASY Lid. Chilau Foods company founder Michael Anderson said packaging his products with the EEASY Lid was a “no brainer.” Noting that the EEASY Lid makes jarred products up to 50% easier to open, Michael added that this packaging innovation works for Chilau because the company’s whole mantra is to make cooking easier.

The piece reported that Chilau products are currently available at Winn-Dixie, Market Street, Albertsons, and other retailers primarily located in the Southeast and Texas.

Read the full article here.

Food Business News, a media outlet dedicated to exploring the trends and technologies driving change throughout the food industry, also reported on Chilau Foods’ crowdfunding round and the company’s partnership with CCT. This piece detailed Chilau Foods’ crowdfunding campaign goal of raising $1 million to increase production including packing, filling and distribution. Funds from this campaign will also help the company amplify marketing and promotional efforts to increase sales.

The article highlighted that through Chilau’s partnership with CCT, the EEASY Lid will be used on all of its products. Referring to information sourced from a news release, the article noted that “the lid is designed to help brands provide accessibility to their jarred food products and allows consumers to vent a vacuum-sealed jar by pressing a button on the lid, a procedure that reduces the amount of torque needed to twist off the lid by up to 50%.”

Read the full article here.

CCT was also featured in Packaging World, a leading media brand that connects with professionals who use packaging equipment, materials, technology and services. Headlined “Accessible Lidding Your Partner Won’t Have to Open for You,” the article pointed out that accessibility is a big topic in packaging these days, spurring brands like Chilau Foods to adopt the EEASY Lid.

Quoted in the article Michael Anderson, founder of Chilau Foods said: “We’ve always been a company that makes cooking easy for consumers. As we expand, the EEASY Lid allows us to provide our customers with an unbeatable cooking experience, starting with accessible packaging.”  

This piece noted that Chilau Foods’ co-packer IPAC Inc. recently converted its manufacturing line to accommodate the EEASY Lid, which is designed to help brands provide an unprecedented level of accessibility to their jarred food products.

Highlighting the EEASY Lid’s accessibility, the article reported that traditional jarred products found on store shelves require more than 40 in-lb of torque to open, with some requiring more than 50 in-lb of torque. With the EEASY Lid, it only takes an average of 9 in-lb of torque to open a jar.

The article concluded by reporting that Chilau’s products are currently available in nearly 350 stores across the U.S. The EEASY Lid will be on all of its jars and in all of its market locations by early 2024.

Read the full article here.

As the EEASY Lid continues to capture media interest and attention, stay tuned for more news coverage roundups.

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