The EEASY Lid at the KeHE Summer Show

The EEASY Lid made its debut in the Western United States recently at the KeHE Summer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah. CCT partner Chilau Foods exhibited its line of southern-inspired stew bases topped with the EEASY Lid at the show held February 7-8 at the Salt Palace Convention Center.

KeHE Distributors, a distributor of natural and organic, specialty, and fresh products in North America, hosts this invite only Summer Show that gives new brands access to exclusive connections and partnerships that expand the reach of their products. New to the show this year was an Innovation Pavilion, which showcased the 2024 On Trend Award winners – sixteen brands expected to lead upcoming food industry trends.

Chilau Foods was the On Trend Award winner in the “For the Pantry” category. KeHE’s category management team selected award winners based on criteria including innovation, ingredients, taste, packaging, and salability.

Chilau Foods products and the EEASY Lid received a lot of interest at the show. Many buyers from independent and chain retail stores visiting the Chilau booth indicated they saw media coverage on Chilau’s products and the EEASY Lid and were eager to sample the stew bases and see the EEASY Lid in action.

Designed to allow consumers to vent a vacuum-sealed jar by simply pressing a button on the lid, the EEASY Lid reduces the amount of torque needed to twist off the lid by up to 50%. With the EEASY Lid, brands can provide an unprecedented level of accessibility to their jarred food products, offering a better overall consumer experience. The EEASY Lid also allows brands to level up their sustainability. The world’s first aluminum lug jar lid, the EEASY Lid is more sustainable than traditional steel lids, but just as durable.

Chilau is currently switching to the EEASY Lid for all its products, providing its customers with a new level of accessibility. The EEASY Lid will soon be available on all Chilau products across 700 stores.

CCT was excited to attend the KeHE Summer Show for the first time alongside Chilau. CCT president Brandon Bach noted that the show provided an opportunity to demonstrate the value of the sustainable, accessible, and innovative EEASY Lid and opened doors to establishing relationships with potential new partners.

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