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The EEASY Lid continues to garner media interest and attention. Last month, CCT’s software designed EEASY Lid was featured in two industry-focused media outlets, increasing awareness of our packaging innovation among key audiences including brand owners and co-packers.   

Dieline, a leading media outlet for consumer packaging and consumer brands and one of the world’s most visited packaging design websites, featured the EEASY Lid in an article headlined “EEASY Lids Are Designed to Make Opening Jars Easier For Everyone.”  

The article highlighted how the vacuum seal on standard jar lids makes jars hard to open for people with decreased grip strength due to health, age or disability, leaving them at the mercy of using special devices or jar opening hacks to loosen lids. The piece cited data from Mel magazine which noted that “the force required to open a jar of Vlasik pickles is slightly more than it takes to bust two wooden boards.” 

The benefits of the EEASY Lid including being up to 50% easier to open and made of recyclable aluminum were pointed out in this piece. The story also mentioned the survey by North Cliff Consultants which found that 87% of participants would choose a product topped with the EEASY Lid over conventional lids. 

This write-up included a quote by Paul Guglielmo, CEO of Guglielmo’s Sauce and co-packer Craft Cannery, which said in part, “With the EEASY Lid, our sauce becomes inclusive to all customers. There’s nothing else like it on the market.”

Awareness of the EEASY Lid got another boost when CCT managing partner James Bach and CCT president Brandon Bach were interviewed on the Pauly Guglielmo Show Podcast. Host Paul Guglielmo kicked off the podcast by saying the EEASY Lid is gaining a lot of traction and recounting how people are thanking him left and right for putting the EEASY Lid on his signature line of pasta sauces.

James then talked about the 8-year development of the EEASY Lid and all the specifications and technology that went into creating a high performing, easy-open jar lid. 

Brandon added that the CCT team’s motivation to create the EEASY Lid came from trying to help people who struggle to open jar lids including the estimated 16% of the global population experiencing a significant disability and the 15% of the population who don’t have the grip strength to open stubborn jars. 

Podcast host Paul Guglielmo then talked about the high performance of the EEASY Lid, noting the lid’s stronger vacuum and saying, “you are not only doing it – you are doing it better.” 

Following up on that, James talked about the extensive in-house testing CCT does to ensure the highest-level performance of the EEASY Lid including checking plastisol more often than anyone else for the viscosity to ensure the lid seals like it is supposed to. James also noted that CCT maintains a very tight inspection schedule every step of the way as the lid is produced.  

Brandon went on to add that whenever a question or challenge has been raised, the company responds by engaging leading authorities for testing. He gave the example of the EEASY Lid testing conducted by Cornell University – the leading food processing authority in North America – which passed the lid with flying colors. He then talked about the testing of the EEASY Lid by one of the top Cincinnati-based consumer study groups which found 9 out of 10 consumers prefer the EEASY Lid over standard jar lids. 

Paul rounded out the discussion by saying CCT has really created something innovative that has a strong customer value proposition. 

Watch this space for more news and updates on the headline making EEASY Lid. 

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