High Performance Packaging: CCT’s EEASY Lid Protects the Quality, Safety and Integrity of Jarred Food Products

Packaging is essential for protecting products. In the food industry, selecting proper packaging is particularly important for reducing the risk of damage during transport and ensuring the quality, safety and integrity of products reaching consumers.

The average supermarket stocks over 40,000 items and without high performance packaging many of these items are at risk of damage during shipping, handling and storage. According to research, 30% of food items get wasted in supply chains. Damaged items are typically unsellable and negatively impact brand image.

Underperforming packaging can fail during the rigors of transport, physically damaging food products and causing spoilage. Consumers want to know that the packaged food products on their store shelves are fresh and safe. In fact, data from Statista shows that 77% of U.S. consumers consider hygiene and food safety as the most important factor in product packaging.

The right packaging keeps products undamaged and unspoiled, moving them safely through the distribution system to retailers and on their way to consumers. A safe, intact, leak-free packaged product journey through the supply chain can’t happen without the right closure.

CCT’s innovative EEASY Lid is an essential closure component of jarred packaging, sealing and protecting jarred food products from manufacturer to consumer. Rigorous testing by the Cornell University Department of Food Science confirms that the EEASY Lid ensures the safety and stability of food products hot-filled into glass containers and provides a stable hermetic seal.

EEASY Lid provides the high-performance packaging protection food manufacturers need to ensure the highest quality, safety and integrity of their jarred products.

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