Industry Trend: Ease of Opening in Packaging

As more consumers begin expressing their views on the need for convenient packaging, many brands have joined the bandwagon on re-designing their products with ease of opening as top of mind.

A recent article from Packaging News showcased the trend of inclusivity among packaging products. The article displays multiple insights from some of the industry’s top brand leaders, who all concluded that ease of opening among products will be vital for brand loyalty.

Source: Packaging News 

As CCT was early to recognize, the ease of use in packaging has been a trend on the rise for years and will soon be a major player when it comes to consumers choosing selected brands. The driving factors that are pushing this trend within the industry come from the aging market, as a majority of the generation who mainly purchases jarred foods are elderly. Sustainability is also a major key, as the need to decrease waste is at a high priority for consumers.

When we first started developing our EEASY Lid over eight years ago, we developed it with convenience and inclusivity in mind, opening the market up to 50% of consumers who do not have the physical ability or who struggle regularly to open a vacuum sealed jar. We strive to continue to be a resource to this population as business propels for the EEASY Lid.

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