Consumers Want Convenience: Isn’t It Time to Make Your Product Packaging Convenient?

Cooking at home increased significantly during the pandemic out of necessity. Now, more than three years later, many consumers are still opting to prepare meals at home. NPD’s Future of Dinner Report forecasts that in-home dinners will remain at a heightened level through 2024. The report notes that “although in-home dinners will remain elevated, consumers have resumed their busy lifestyles and will look for convenience when preparing dinner.” 

Source: AARP

Today, consumers are cooking at home for a variety of reasons including controlling the ingredients in their meals, saving money, eating healthier and spending quality time at home. As they prepare home cooked meals, consumers want the experience to be simple and easy. They are specifically looking for convenient products that offer easy-to-open packaging, shorter cook times and quick clean up. 

Many consumers are turning to tasty time-saving solutions like meal kit delivery and purchasing fresh prepared and ready-to-prep options from their grocer. Consumers’ craving for convenience is also driving the increased popularity of frozen meals and ready-to-eat snacks. NPD projects that retail ready-to-eat foods will grow by double-digits through 2024. 

Retailers and brands that deliver on convenience will increase both revenue and consumer loyalty. This is particularly true for specific types of purchases. According to the National Retail Federation, convenience is especially important to consumers when it comes to everyday items such as groceries, personal care items and pet supplies. 

Convenience-minded consumers want products in these categories to feature easy-to-use packaging solutions. For shoppers today, convenient, accessible product packaging plays a key role in influencing their buying behavior. Products with packaging that increase convenience and improve the user experience stand out on store shelves and prompt more consumers to add them to their shopping carts.   

At CCT, we recognize that convenience is a priority for consumers today. In fact, Convenience is our middle name! Our EEASY Lid is designed for convenience to help brands improve customer experience with their products. The EEASY Lid does this by making jars up to 50% easier to open, eliminating the struggle of opening stubborn jar lids for people of all ages and abilities. 

It’s also convenient for consumers when it comes to sustainability. Made of recyclable aluminum, consumers can easily recycle the EEASY Lid through most community recycling programs. The simple step of putting it in their recycling bin sends the EEASY Lid off to become a new aluminum product. 

Contact us today to learn more about how the EEASY Lid can help your brand align with consumer preferences for convenience and boost sales. 

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