Industry Trend: How Food Packaging Plays a Role in Nutrition Quality

The trend of convenient packaging has now become a forefront among healthcare providers.

A recent article from Hospital Health highlighted the importance of food packaging and how it can contribute to malnutrition if products are packaged without inclusivity in mind. According to the article, new research conducted in NSW Hospitals showed that over 80% of elderly patients experienced difficulties or were unable to open one or more food packaging items within their hospitals.

Beyond the struggle to open food products – especially jars – there is a major concern of nutrition quality when it comes to the elderly population. Malnutrition is an increasing concern amongst hospitals and aged care facilities. Patients and residents must be able to access the food they are provided and the food they need to ensure growth, energy and maintenance.

Because of this research, NSW and other hospitals and healthcare facilities have begun to analyze their food and beverage product partners and are opting to choose manufacturers who put an emphasis on accessible packaging. The article states these key features will be used to provide accessible benefits among packaging:

• Textured and lengthened pull tab for easier grip
• Clear instructions for opening
• Optimized seal to reduce opening force
• Decagon shape for easier grip
• Extra-large font for improved legibility

The need to reduce opening force is a key feature we have centered around our EEASY Lid. As more and more markets begin to seek convenient packaging, manufacturers should start to put inclusivity at the forefront of their packaging strategy, if not already.

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