In the News: CCT’s EEASY Lid is an Innovative Example of Accessible Packaging

CCT was featured in a recent Packaging Europe article reporting on the critical need for accessible packaging. The article, which also appeared in Touchpoints, highlighted various forms of packaging, including jar lids, that pose challenges for consumers with disabilities to open. The article noted that “when everything from your medicine to your food is in packaging that you cannot access, this becomes more than just a minor inconvenience.”

The article cited the EEASY Lid as a packaging design innovation that makes products more accessible, noting that the EEASY Lid is 50% easier to open than traditional jar lids because of its reduced vacuum setting. Our own CCT president, Brandon Bach, was also quoted in the piece, saying: “the purpose of the lid is to make an everyday task easy for everyone, so that people can focus on other things that truly matter, not opening a jar.”

The story also explored the impact of inaccessible packaging design on brands. Of significant consideration for brands is that products in packaging which is difficult to open drives consumers toward purchasing rival products that are easier and more convenient to use. Bach commented that “by being all inclusive, you’re opening up the market segment that might not be buying your product because they can’t open it.”

We are working to make the accessible, easy-to-open EEASY Lid the industry standard for jarred products throughout the world, striving to serve as an example to other packaging and food/beverage companies to prioritize inclusive design for those who need it most.

To achieve this, CCT continues to expand its market reach. We are currently working to supply the EEASY Lid to grocery chains, private-label brands, national brands and co-packers in the U.S. and through established partnerships is working to bring this innovative packaging solution to these same stakeholders in the European market.

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