The Importance of Elevating Consumer Experience Through Packaging

When it comes to packaging, putting the consumer first should be every company’s top priority. Packaging innovation has led to creating better consumer experiences, and in return has generated more sales and customer loyalty for companies that make it a priority.

One of the biggest innovations in packaging has been a growing emphasis on convenience. According to a Consumer View report by the National Retail Foundation, 97% of respondents have backed out of a purchase because it was inconvenient for them. Additionally, 83% of respondents said that convenience while shopping is more important now than it was five years ago.

“Time is a precious commodity for today’s consumers. Shoppers are busier with commuting to work, dealing with family obligations or catching up on schoolwork, among other things. Naturally, convenience factors are playing a larger role in their shopping experience.” – Mark Matthews, NRF Vice President for Research Development

Source: National Retail Federation

Consumer aren’t just looking for convenience when it comes to shopping, but also in the products and brands that they choose.

Since we’ve launched our EEASY Lid, consumer experience has always been top of mind. Gone are the days of having to find creative methods to open a jar lid when your hands lack the strength needed to. The design of the EEASY Lid allows consumers to easily open a jar of pasta sauce, pickles and other favorite jarred foods, no matter what strength they possess. This vastly improves the overall experience of a product as it increases convenience and decreases customer frustration.

While we aim to provide inclusivity to all demographics with the EEASY Lid, it is clear that better packaging is directly linked to an elevated overall consumer experience.


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