Eliminating Jar Opening Tools and Hacks

In the 21st century, many inventions are making our day-to-day lives easier. Virtual assistants, smartphones, electric cars, electronic readers, streaming media, and smart appliances are just a few examples of the innovations transforming the way we live.

These technological advances make many aspects of life easier and more convenient, yet people are still struggling to open stubborn jar lids. A look at some headlines over the last few years highlight just how pervasive this problem is and provide a snapshot of the hacks and tools people are using to open jarred products:

– Senior shoppers say this $19 jar opener is ‘like having a strong person in the house’

– The Unexpected Bar Tool That Will Help You Open the Toughest Jars

– 6 Hacks for Opening That Jar When You’re About Ready to Give Up

– Use Half a Tennis Ball as a Tool to Remove Stubborn Lids

– Never Struggle to Open a Jar Again with One Easy Bottle Opener Hack

– Hack to get stuck lid off a jar in seconds — with just a spoon — goes viral

– Open a Stuck Jar with a Knife

In this day and age, it is astounding that the frustration of opening stubborn jar lids continues to plague consumers. There is a solution – one that does not require specialized tools or dangerous jar opening hacks.

The EEASY Lid.

The first jar lid innovation in more than 75 years, the EEASY Lid works by simply pressing a button on the lid, which vents the vacuum seal and allows consumers to easily unscrew the lid. The EEASY Lid reduces the amount of torque needed to twist off a jar lid by up to 50%, leaving nothing standing in the way of consumers and their jarred foods of choice.

The EEASY Lid is a smart packaging choice for brands. It not only helps brands improve the consumer experience but increases market share as an accessible, sustainable packaging solution. That’s because the EEASY Lid makes opening jars easy for people of all ages and abilities and is made of recyclable aluminum.

It’s time for brands to leave behind the hard-to-open jar lids of the 20th century. The EEASY Lid is the 21st century packaging solution that eliminates jar opening tools and hacks, making life easier and more convenient for consumers.

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