Packaging Innovation Spotlight

Consumer demand for innovative packaging solutions is rising. Forward-thinking companies are responding by developing packaging technology that creates a superior brand experience. New consumer-friendly packaging innovations hitting the market include solutions that boost inclusivity, sustainability and functionality.

Inclusive packaging innovations

Advancements in packaging design are working to create more accessible brand experiences that enhance usability and deliver better user experiences for everyone.

Companies like Victorialand Beauty are doing just that with packaging for the visually impaired. The company’s CyR.U.S. System of Raised Universal Symbols effectively makes product identification and product usage information more accessible by touch. The system is comprised of raised trademarked symbols, which are located on the bottle or jar caps of each product. The company’s packaging also contains an embossed QR code that consumers can scan using a screen reader app on their smartphones, which provides auditory product descriptions and instructions.

Sustainable packaging innovations

Eco-conscious consumers prefer more environmentally friendly packaging from brands and would be willing to pay more for products that are better for the environment. In fact, a survey by Survey Monkey found that more than a third of respondents (35%) would buy a product that’s better for the environment over another that’s slightly less expensive.

The packaging industry is responding to consumer concern for the environment with a variety of sustainable packaging innovations.

One of these innovations, edible packaging, is made of seaweed and other natural biodegradable materials. This growing packaging market segment, projected to reach to reach $679 million by 2025, is designed to be eaten instead of recycled or disposed of.

Notpla, a company that makes flexible packaging for beverages and sauces, developed a waste-free alternative to plastic packaging that combines seaweed and plants. While the packaging is edible, if it makes its way into the waste stream, it is biodegradable in 4-6 weeks.

Functional packaging innovations

Packaging innovations are also being developed to create convenience and value for consumers.

Chill-Can is one example of functional packaging innovation. A beverage can that self-chills without the need of any other source of energy or refrigeration, Chill-Can delivers an ice-cold drink in under a minute after activation. The beverage can’s built in Heat Exchange Unit (HEU) activates environmentally safe reclaimed Co2 that chills the beverage.

Inclusive, sustainable and functional

Our EEASY Lid is a packaging innovation that delivers performance in the areas of inclusivity, sustainability and functionality to expand market opportunities for grocery chains, private-label brands, national brands and food manufacturers.

Inclusive – The EEASY Lid makes jarred food more accessible to those who have a disability, opening the market up to 50% of consumers who do not have the physical ability or who struggle regularly to open a vacuum sealed jar.

Sustainable – The aluminum lug EEASY Lid is completely recyclable. Consumers can now recycle the aluminum lid just like they would recycle an aluminum beverage can.

Functional – Easy-open, easy to reset, the EEASY Lid improves upon jar lid design that had not changed in 75 years.

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