Consumers Give Resealable Packaging Their Seal of Approval

Consumer preferences and behaviors are shaping resealable packaging innovations that respond to the need for convenience dictated by today’s busy lifestyles. In fact, 57% of consumers want more resealable packages according to data cited in a recent GreenBiz article. Brands are increasingly using resealable product packaging to deliver this convenience and boost consumer satisfaction with their products.

Convenience is just one of the major reasons resealable packaging appeals to consumers. Consumers also give this packaging their seal of approval for its ability to help create healthier eating habits, reduce food waste and keep food fresh.

Portion control is important to consumers wanting to develop healthier eating habits. Tapping into the single-serve trend, resealable packaging allows products to be consumed in smaller quantities, which can help reduce unhealthy overeating. With resealable packaging, consumers can keep products fresh while regulating consumption.

The ability to keep food fresh longer is a key driver of growing demand for resealable packaging. Resealable packaging helps properly store products to avoid food spoilage and keep them safe from contamination. Packaging that can be reclosed again and again not only extends the shelf life and quality of perishable products but allows consumers to enjoy them more fully.

Food that stays fresher longer also has the major benefit of keeping food out of the landfill. Resealable packaging addresses consumer concerns over the growing problem of food waste. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in the United States, more food reached landfills and combustion facilities than any other single material in our everyday trash. To cut down on household food wastage, waste-conscious consumers are increasingly selecting resealable packaging solutions.

Our EEASY Lid is an innovative solution that delivers on consumer preferences for convenience and provides all the benefits of resealable packaging. The EEASY Lid’s easy to open jar lid can be reclosed after use by pressing the button from the inside of the lid to help keep the product fresh and prevent spills.

Results from our recent consumer study with North Cliff Consultants on jar lid ease of use showed consumers overwhelmingly preferred the aluminum lug EEASY Lid over traditional lug lids. The study found that 71% of consumers said they would definitely buy a product with the EEASY Lid compared to 18% for traditional jar lids. The study also revealed that if the same product had an EEASY Lid and traditional jar lid as options, 87% of consumers said they would buy the product with the EEASY Lid.

We strive to be ahead of the curve when it comes to consumer needs – not only with inclusivity but resealable packaging, too. That’s why our EEASY Lid is the simple solution for jarred products everywhere when it comes to keeping consumers happy.

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