An Introduction to CCT® and the EEASY™ Lid

By the CCT team

For decades, people of all ages have had the infamous struggle of trying to open stubborn jar lids. People often resort to dangerous kitchen hacks to try and open jars, including banging them on the counter, running under scalding hot water or using a knife to try and pry them open. While some of these methods may eventually get the lid off, no one has yet adapted the jar lid to meet the needs of the 21st century consumer – until now.

How did the company come to be?

We are a Dayton, Ohio-based company called Consumer Convenience Technologies (CCT), makers of the EEASY Lid – the first jar lid innovation in over 75 years. The idea for the EEASY Lid started when our managing partner, Pete Stodd, was approached by a friend who couldn’t open a jar after undergoing surgery for breast cancer. Pete was a veteran in the beverage container industry, leading Dawn to ask him why there wasn’t a way to make opening a jar easier. This prompted Pete and CCT’s other Managing Partner, Jim Bach, to work diligently on the design for the EEASY Lid for the next eight years.

How does the EEASY Lid work?

Launched in November of 2019, the patented EEASY Lid allows consumers to vent a jar by simply pressing a button on the lid, which opens a tiny slit that breaks the seal. After use, the lid is reclosed by pressing the button from the inside of the lid to help keep the product fresh and prevent spills. The EEASY Lid reduces the amount of torque needed to twist the lid off by as much as 40%.
What we had realized as a company was that the jar industry hasn’t evolved since the 1950s, meaning there are many more people like Dawn who may have disabilities or physical limitations that prevent them from tasks as simple as opening a jar. The reality is nearly 50% of consumers struggle to open traditional jar lids. Most product packaging is designed under the assumption that consumers are fully able-bodied, not accounting for disabilities, injuries and illnesses. We believe when brands design with inclusivity in mind, they not only make life easier for disabled consumers – they make life easier for everyone.

Meet the team behind the EEASY Lid

  • Jim Bach, Co-Founder, Managing Partner
    Jim Bach is co-founder and managing partner here at CCT. Jim interacts with the other team members on the day-to-day task at hand and outside contract vendors in the development, marketing, and commercialization of the EEASY Lid.
  • Brandon Bach, President
    Brandon Bach has over 18 years’ experience in project management, marketing and video production. Brandon interacts with the CCT team members on a day-to-day basis dealing with testing, recording of closures, marketing and sales.
  • John Ryder, Senior Advisor
    John Ryder has a 30-year track record of corporate leadership and a strong background in marketing, merchandising and operational experience. John provides strategic vision and tactics for marketing, merchandising and retail execution for CCT’s customers.
  • Jim Heaton, Executive Manager
    Jim Heaton works closely with the production and development team at CCT. Jim has worked in the banking industry for over 40 years where his experience in customer relations and his extensive marketing background lends itself to CCT’s mission. Jim is a two-time President of the Dayton Mortgage Bankers Association and has also chaired numerous committees for the Dayton Board of Realtors.
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