The EEASY Lid: Packaging with Universal Appeal That Sells Products

The EEASY Lid is universally appealing to all types of consumers. Busy on-the-go parents, cooking enthusiasts, sustainably minded consumers, and people who value or depend on easy-to-open packaging can all benefit from the EEASY Lid.

Here’s a more in-depth look at why convenience, sustainability, and ease of use in product packaging make the EEASY Lid universally appealing to consumers and a key brand differentiator that has the power to increase sales.

Convenience and time savings

Busy parents and cooking enthusiasts don’t have time to struggle with hard to open packaging. Time savings and efficiency are at the top of their list when it comes to selecting products for meal preparation. Jar lids that are too tight and hard to open are a major source of annoyance and a sure fire way to drive time-strapped consumers to products that provide a hassle-free opening experience designed to make meal prep easier.

Consumers are spending more on products that save time and effort. A report from business intelligence and market research firm Euromonitor revealed that from 2017-2022, consumer spending on convenience-related products and services grew an average of 24% each year. The firm noted that time is money and “consumers are willing to spend on products and services that save time and make life easier.”

Source: Euromonitor

The EEASY Lid allows consumers to access jarred products quickly and without frustration. That convenient, hassle-free experience attracts and retains customers and positively influences brand perception.


Consumers today expect brands to use sustainable packaging. They look for products packaged in recyclable materials that minimize packaging waste and reduce environmental impact.

A recent survey by supply chain management company Blue Yonder found that interest in sustainability is growing at a steady pace, with 47% of consumers reporting that their interest in shopping sustainably has greatly or slightly increased in the last year. According to this survey, consumers are willing to spend more for sustainable products, with 40% of respondents saying they would pay up to an additional 5%, and 25% saying they would pay an additional 10% or more. When it comes to the methods brands use to improve sustainability, consumers cited using recycled content or recycled packaging as an important environmental practice a retailer or brand should adopt.

Made of recyclable aluminum, the EEASY Lid helps brands connect with sustainably minded consumers and influences purchases.

Ease of use for all ages and abilities

Food packaging that prioritizes accessibility for all consumers makes it easier for consumers to prepare and enjoy meals and improves safety by minimizing the need for dangerous product opening hacks involving knives and other inadvisable tools.

Making products accessible and easy to use has the power to help brands increase market share by attracting and engaging consumers of all ages and abilities.

The unparalleled accessibility of the EEASY Lid reduces the amount of torque needed to twist off a jar lid by up to 50%. The first jar lid innovation in nearly 80 years, the EEASY Lid makes products more appealing to every consumer who has ever struggled to open a stubborn jar lid. That includes pretty much everyone – a large addressable market indeed!

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Accessible Packaging Roundup

Accessible packaging makes products more user friendly for people of all ages and abilities. Packaging that is accessible and easy to use not only benefits consumers but is a critical differentiator for brands in a competitive marketplace. Recognizing this, brands are increasingly making the shift to accessible packaging to meet the needs of a diverse customer base, ensure inclusivity and widen the appeal of their products.

Here’s a roundup of some of the most recent developments in accessible packaging:

Source: PlayStation

Sony PlayStationSony PlayStation recently released a controller designed for people with disabilities. In the process of designing this new controller, the company also created packaging that is more accessible. Designed to be openable with one hand, the controller packaging features convenient loops that can be pulled from the left or right side, and additional loops on the inside to help open the boxes and make it easy to slide the controller out. A single layer of compartments conveniently organize the various kit components for easy access and identification.

Kellanova – NaviLens technology was added to Pringles cans last year to make them more accessible to blind and partially sighted people. The new packaging allows a smartphone to easily detect the unique on-pack code and playback labeling information to shoppers with sight loss. NaviLens first appeared on some Pringles varieties in November of last year, with the full rollout to be completed by the end of 2024.

Quorn – In August 2023, Quorn launched its Tomato & Mozzarella Escalopes and Mini Vegan Sausage Rolls with NaviLens technology to support a more inclusive shopping experience for visually impaired consumers. These products are the first of 42 Quorn products that will be rolled out with this technology over the next 12 months.

Millie – This makeup brand’s Liquid Confidence Mascara is designed so that it can be applied either vertically or horizontally, to aid those with mobility issues.

Chilau FoodsChilau Foods partnered with CCT to make the packaging of its full line of Southern-inspired stew bases more accessible. The first jar lid innovation in over 75 years, the patented EEASY Lid allows customers to open a vacuum-sealed jar by simply pressing a button on the lid, which reduces the force required to twist off the lid by up to 50%. Chilau products featuring the EEASY Lid will be available in nearly 350 stores across the U.S. in the coming months.

Chilau and other brands are adopting the EEASY Lid to make their packaging more accessible, differentiate their products in a crowded marketplace, enhance the customer experience and capture new market segments.

Does your brand packaging do all that? Contact us today to learn more about the innovative, accessible EEASY Lid.

Sixth City Sauce Becomes the Latest Brand to Adopt the EEASY Lid

We have some exciting news to share this month as Cleveland-based Sixth City Sauce becomes the latest brand to adopt the EEASY Lid. The EEASY Lid will be on all Sixth City Sauce products sold in 11 new stores throughout the northeast Ohio region.

A fixture in the Cleveland region since 1912, Sixth City Sauce is a family-owned business that was born from a legacy of community and good food. The family has been feeding people in the Cleveland region for generations.

Commenting on the partnership with CCT, Vicki Camardo, owner of Sixth City Sauce said: “As a family-owned business, we want what’s best for our customers as we would want what’s best for our family – and that includes accessible packaging. Using the EEASY Lid on our products will ensure we are meeting our consumers’ needs and providing them with the best experience, from opening our jars to sitting down together as a family to eat.”

Sixth City Sauce is the fifth brand to adopt the EEASY Lid. Today, consumers can find the EEASY Lid on products in over 250 Wegmans, Stop & Shop, Price Chopper and Tops Friendly Markets stores, in addition to select specialty grocers in the Northeast. The EEASY Lid is also being used on products in EDEKA Kempken stores in Krefeld, Germany. It will soon be sold on products in an additional 350 stores across the U.S. by Q2 2024.

As an Ohio-based company, this partnership with Sixth City Sauce is especially meaningful to CCT because it allows us to bring the EEASY Lid to products in our home region for the first time.

CCT produces the 63 mm lug EEASY Lid at its 16,000 square foot, state-of-the-art technology center at the company’s headquarters in Dayton, Ohio. CCT has the capability to produce roughly 800 aluminum lug EEASY Lids per minute – more than 250 million annually.

Forward thinking brands continue to adopt the EEASY Lid to differentiate their jarred products by offering a more accessible, enhanced consumer experience. Interested in making your product packaging a competitive differentiator that helps drive sales? Contact us today.

What’s Happening: European Union Packaging Regulation Update and CCT in Europe

In early March, the European Union (EU) Parliament and Council reached a provisional agreement on revamped rules to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging, increase safety, and boost the circular economy.

A press release announcing the agreement noted that the “new measures aim to make packaging used in the EU safer and more sustainable, by requiring all packaging to be recyclable, minimizing the presence of harmful substances, reducing unnecessary packaging, boosting the uptake of recycled content and improving collection and recycling.”

The agreement sets packaging reduction targets of 5% by 2030, 10% by 2035, and 15% by 2040 and requires EU countries to reduce, in particular, the amount of plastic packaging waste.

Data published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the EU revealed that in 2021, the EU generated 188.7 kg (412 pounds) of packaging waste per inhabitant, 10.8 kg (23 pounds) more per person than in 2020, the biggest increase in 10 years. In total, the EU generated 84 million tons of packaging waste in 2021.

Source: EuroStat

The EU Parliament and Council need to formally approve the agreement before it can go into effect.

As lawmakers in the EU work to address the problem of packaging waste, CCT’s recyclable EEASY Lid is helping brands align with the region’s new regulations. Made of recyclable aluminum, the EEASY Lid allows brands to future-proof their packaging to meet evolving environmental regulations in the EU and across the globe.

Last year, the EEASY Lid was introduced to the European market for the first time when EDEKA Kempken, a family-owned German grocer, launched the EEASY Lid on its private label pasta sauces in select stores in Krefeld.

To continue advancing CCT’s momentum in the EU, CCT representative Friedrich Berlemann was recently on deck at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Germany, to network and meet with potential partners. Anuga FoodTec is the world’s only supplier fair that covers all aspects of food and beverage production – from process technology to food safety and packaging.

CCT president Brandon Bach noted that the positive response to the EEASY Lid from potential partners across Europe has been nothing short of incredible.

Packaging regulations are evolving across the globe. Is your packaging ready to comply? Contact us today to learn more about future proofing your packaging with the EEASY Lid.

Shoppers Are Looking for Deals and Value

While the rate of inflation is easing, consumers are still concerned about the high price of groceries. These concerns are impacting their shopping behavior. To get the most for their money, shoppers are on the lookout for the best deals and seeking products that provide enhanced value.

Source: Food Republic

To remain competitive, grocery retailers and brands must adapt to these evolving consumer behaviors and preferences.

According to a recent report by data and analytics firm 84.51° titled “Adapting with resilience: The new customer paradigm,” 53% of consumers, still worried about grocery prices, are responding by switching to a lower-cost brand. 

Shoppers are not only looking for lower priced products but are also placing greater emphasis on product features that provide added value such as convenience and sustainability.

When it comes to convenience, consumers want a hassle-free experience as they cook meals at home. They value products that feature easy prep and cleanup and easy-to-open packaging.

Insights from the Food Industry Association (FMI), Oliver Wyman, and Circana highlighted new opportunities for food industry trading partners to cater to shoppers’ expanding definitions of value. Commenting on these insights, Mark Baum – senior vice president of industry relations and chief collaboration officer – FMI said, “the research showcases how food and beverages that promote well-being, those that are competitively priced and products that are decidedly convenient to buy and prepare, will ultimately earn shoppers’ allegiance.”

Consumer perception of value also extends to brands and products that align with their beliefs and attitudes. This is especially true of sustainability. Sustainable products and packaging are considered a value-add for a growing number of eco-conscious consumers who are intentionally looking for more environmentally friendly products and packaging on store shelves.

To deliver enhanced value to consumers, retailers and brands must look at ways to make their products more convenient and sustainable.

Made of recyclable aluminum, the EEASY Lid is a sustainable packaging innovation that delivers on the consumer imperative for more eco-friendly products. The EEASY Lid also makes opening jarred products up to 50% easier, eliminating the struggle of accessing these products and cutting down on meal prep time.

In an environment where consumers evaluate products not only on price but on convenience and sustainability, grocery retailers and brands must deliver on all these criteria to remain competitive.

Contact us to today to learn more about how the EEASY Lid can enhance the value of your product in the eyes of consumers.

In the News

Welcome back to another CCT news coverage roundup. In this edition, we highlight media coverage of CCT and the EEASY Lid appearing in several leading food industry and packaging trade publications. Take a look!

Food Navigator, a leading online news source for the food industry, covered CCT partner Chilau Foods’ Wefunder crowdfunding campaign as well as the brand’s adoption of the EEASY Lid to create a more accessible product. Headlined “Chilau Foods turns to crowdfunding to expand distribution, cracks lid on packaging innovation,” this article detailed Chilau Foods’ startup journey including its crowdfunding campaign to support company expansion.

The article also highlighted how Chilau is boosting product accessibility with CCT’s EEASY Lid. Chilau Foods company founder Michael Anderson said packaging his products with the EEASY Lid was a “no brainer.” Noting that the EEASY Lid makes jarred products up to 50% easier to open, Michael added that this packaging innovation works for Chilau because the company’s whole mantra is to make cooking easier.

The piece reported that Chilau products are currently available at Winn-Dixie, Market Street, Albertsons, and other retailers primarily located in the Southeast and Texas.

Read the full article here.

Food Business News, a media outlet dedicated to exploring the trends and technologies driving change throughout the food industry, also reported on Chilau Foods’ crowdfunding round and the company’s partnership with CCT. This piece detailed Chilau Foods’ crowdfunding campaign goal of raising $1 million to increase production including packing, filling and distribution. Funds from this campaign will also help the company amplify marketing and promotional efforts to increase sales.

The article highlighted that through Chilau’s partnership with CCT, the EEASY Lid will be used on all of its products. Referring to information sourced from a news release, the article noted that “the lid is designed to help brands provide accessibility to their jarred food products and allows consumers to vent a vacuum-sealed jar by pressing a button on the lid, a procedure that reduces the amount of torque needed to twist off the lid by up to 50%.”

Read the full article here.

CCT was also featured in Packaging World, a leading media brand that connects with professionals who use packaging equipment, materials, technology and services. Headlined “Accessible Lidding Your Partner Won’t Have to Open for You,” the article pointed out that accessibility is a big topic in packaging these days, spurring brands like Chilau Foods to adopt the EEASY Lid.

Quoted in the article Michael Anderson, founder of Chilau Foods said: “We’ve always been a company that makes cooking easy for consumers. As we expand, the EEASY Lid allows us to provide our customers with an unbeatable cooking experience, starting with accessible packaging.”  

This piece noted that Chilau Foods’ co-packer IPAC Inc. recently converted its manufacturing line to accommodate the EEASY Lid, which is designed to help brands provide an unprecedented level of accessibility to their jarred food products.

Highlighting the EEASY Lid’s accessibility, the article reported that traditional jarred products found on store shelves require more than 40 in-lb of torque to open, with some requiring more than 50 in-lb of torque. With the EEASY Lid, it only takes an average of 9 in-lb of torque to open a jar.

The article concluded by reporting that Chilau’s products are currently available in nearly 350 stores across the U.S. The EEASY Lid will be on all of its jars and in all of its market locations by early 2024.

Read the full article here.

As the EEASY Lid continues to capture media interest and attention, stay tuned for more news coverage roundups.

New Sustainable Packaging Innovations

Consumers across the globe are putting increasing focus on climate change. In the U.S., a survey conducted by Pew Research Center from Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 2023, found that 52% of Americans say large businesses and corporations should do more to reduce the effects of climate change.

One of the ways companies can do this is through adopting sustainable packaging. Sustainable packaging reduces a company’s carbon footprint to help minimize the effects of climate change. It also helps brands to expand their customer base. Eco-conscious customers want to interact with and purchase from companies that work toward sustainability goals.

Here’s are a few of the latest sustainable packaging innovations and milestones making headlines: 

Source: Packaging Digest


Coca-Cola recently unveiled its plastic-free LitePac Top Strap in Austria. Designed to hold a six-pack of 1.5-liter Coca-Cola bottles, the LitePac Top Strap is made from a sturdy, tear-resistant, recyclable fiberboard material. This saves 200 tons of plastic annually while reducing energy consumption and production.

In late January, Coca-Cola also announced a new trial in the United Kingdom to remove the labels from its Sprite and Sprite Zero bottles. Although the existing labels are recyclable, removing them will cut down the amount of packaging material used and remove the need to separate packaging components before recycling the bottle.


Nestlé’s Maggi brand recently launched a new line of instant cup noodles. This line is designed to be prepared at home in a mug – consumers can pour the product into a standard mug and add boiling water for instant preparation. This cuts down on plastic packaging by 83% compared to a traditional plastic cup.


Near the end of 2023, Kellanova announced it had reduced the amount of plastic used in the packaging of three snack brands – Cheez-It Snap’d, Cheez-It Puff’d and Club Crisps – compared to the same volume the previous year. The optimized packaging designs reduced the total material weight for the three products by 672,000 pounds (124,000 pounds of plastic and 548,000 pounds of cardboard used for shipping cases annually). 


Our recyclable EEASY Lid is another sustainable packaging option helping companies to meet their sustainability goals. The world’s first aluminum lug jar lid, the EEASY Lid is more sustainable than traditional steel lids, but still just as durable.

The EEASY Lid is currently sold on Guglielmo’s pasta sauce in over 250 grocers and is available in EDEKA Kempken stores in Germany. CCT’s partnership with Chilau foods will soon bring the EEASY Lid to roughly 700 new stores. 

Interested in our sustainable EEASY Lid? Contact us today.

The EEASY Lid at the KeHE Summer Show

The EEASY Lid made its debut in the Western United States recently at the KeHE Summer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah. CCT partner Chilau Foods exhibited its line of southern-inspired stew bases topped with the EEASY Lid at the show held February 7-8 at the Salt Palace Convention Center.

KeHE Distributors, a distributor of natural and organic, specialty, and fresh products in North America, hosts this invite only Summer Show that gives new brands access to exclusive connections and partnerships that expand the reach of their products. New to the show this year was an Innovation Pavilion, which showcased the 2024 On Trend Award winners – sixteen brands expected to lead upcoming food industry trends.

Chilau Foods was the On Trend Award winner in the “For the Pantry” category. KeHE’s category management team selected award winners based on criteria including innovation, ingredients, taste, packaging, and salability.

Chilau Foods products and the EEASY Lid received a lot of interest at the show. Many buyers from independent and chain retail stores visiting the Chilau booth indicated they saw media coverage on Chilau’s products and the EEASY Lid and were eager to sample the stew bases and see the EEASY Lid in action.

Designed to allow consumers to vent a vacuum-sealed jar by simply pressing a button on the lid, the EEASY Lid reduces the amount of torque needed to twist off the lid by up to 50%. With the EEASY Lid, brands can provide an unprecedented level of accessibility to their jarred food products, offering a better overall consumer experience. The EEASY Lid also allows brands to level up their sustainability. The world’s first aluminum lug jar lid, the EEASY Lid is more sustainable than traditional steel lids, but just as durable.

Chilau is currently switching to the EEASY Lid for all its products, providing its customers with a new level of accessibility. The EEASY Lid will soon be available on all Chilau products across 700 stores.

CCT was excited to attend the KeHE Summer Show for the first time alongside Chilau. CCT president Brandon Bach noted that the show provided an opportunity to demonstrate the value of the sustainable, accessible, and innovative EEASY Lid and opened doors to establishing relationships with potential new partners.

Eliminating Jar Opening Tools and Hacks

In the 21st century, many inventions are making our day-to-day lives easier. Virtual assistants, smartphones, electric cars, electronic readers, streaming media, and smart appliances are just a few examples of the innovations transforming the way we live.

These technological advances make many aspects of life easier and more convenient, yet people are still struggling to open stubborn jar lids. A look at some headlines over the last few years highlight just how pervasive this problem is and provide a snapshot of the hacks and tools people are using to open jarred products:

– Senior shoppers say this $19 jar opener is ‘like having a strong person in the house’

– The Unexpected Bar Tool That Will Help You Open the Toughest Jars

– 6 Hacks for Opening That Jar When You’re About Ready to Give Up

– Use Half a Tennis Ball as a Tool to Remove Stubborn Lids

– Never Struggle to Open a Jar Again with One Easy Bottle Opener Hack

– Hack to get stuck lid off a jar in seconds — with just a spoon — goes viral

– Open a Stuck Jar with a Knife

In this day and age, it is astounding that the frustration of opening stubborn jar lids continues to plague consumers. There is a solution – one that does not require specialized tools or dangerous jar opening hacks.

The EEASY Lid.

The first jar lid innovation in more than 75 years, the EEASY Lid works by simply pressing a button on the lid, which vents the vacuum seal and allows consumers to easily unscrew the lid. The EEASY Lid reduces the amount of torque needed to twist off a jar lid by up to 50%, leaving nothing standing in the way of consumers and their jarred foods of choice.

The EEASY Lid is a smart packaging choice for brands. It not only helps brands improve the consumer experience but increases market share as an accessible, sustainable packaging solution. That’s because the EEASY Lid makes opening jars easy for people of all ages and abilities and is made of recyclable aluminum.

It’s time for brands to leave behind the hard-to-open jar lids of the 20th century. The EEASY Lid is the 21st century packaging solution that eliminates jar opening tools and hacks, making life easier and more convenient for consumers.

Kicking Off the New Year at the Winter Fancy Food Show

CCT kicked off the new year by heading to Las Vegas to exhibit at the Winter Fancy Food Show. Organized by the Specialty Food Association (SFA) and held January 21-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Winter Fancy Food Show is the industry’s first big show of the year.

More than 1,100 companies exhibited at this year’s show, which drew 12,000 attendees. The show helps pre-qualified buyers in the food and beverage channel discover innovative new products and packaging. According to SFA, 88% of Winter Fancy Food Show attendees are involved in purchasing decisions.

The large number of exhibitors and significant foot traffic at the show reflected a growing specialty food market. SFA estimates sales reached $207 billion in 2023.

CCT was present at the show to showcase the EEASY Lid, the world’s first aluminum lug lid, designed to help brands bring an unprecedented level of accessibility to their jarred food products. The Winter Fancy Food Show was a perfect platform for CCT to continue to build on last year’s strong wave of momentum, which included:

– Guglielmo’s Sauce becoming the first food brand to adopt the EEASY Lid, bringing it to 250 stores in the Northeast United States

– EDEKA Kempken introducing the EEASY Lid to European customers for the first time

– CCT partnering with Chilau Foods to top Chilau’s line of southern inspired stew-bases with the EEASY Lid, a move that will bring the EEASY Lid to approximately 700 stores across 12 states

– The EEASY Lid earning honorable mention in Fast Company’s prestigious 2023 Innovation by Design Awards

Exhibiting in the show’s New Product Showcase that featured the latest and greatest products, CCT’s booth drew interest from many leading buyers and retailers. As these attendees dropped by the booth to see the latest innovation in accessible, sustainable packaging, the CCT team capitalized on the opportunity to network, build new business relationships, and strengthen existing relationships.

The team is currently in talks with major grocers, brands and manufacturers across the globe, looking to expand EEASY Lid availability into additional stores this year.