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Our EEASY Lid is garnering a lot of media attention for its ease of use and designed in sustainability and inclusivity. Here’s a round-up of the latest EEASY Lid news coverage and insights:


In March, CCT was featured in an article posted on Shutterstock, a leading global creative platform for transformative brands and media companies. The article entitled “What Every Brand Needs to Know About Adaptive Packaging,” explored what inclusive design is, how it can be implemented and why it matters.

Calling inclusive design one of the hottest trends in 2022, the piece explained that “adaptive packaging means making products easier to use to meet customers’ needs” and noted that this can range from helping people with dexterity issues by offering easy-opening jar lids to assisting people with limited or no vision through features such as high-contrast labels and Braille text.

The article called attention to the large market for adaptive packaging, pointing out that the number of customers who could benefit from this type of packaging includes an estimated 48.9 million people in the United States and 1.3 billion worldwide living with a disability.

CCT President Brandon Bach was quoted in the article saying, “when customers see how helpful adaptive packaging can be, they enthusiastically buy products with it.”

The article highlighted that CCT conducted a twelve-week case study of the EEASY Lid on Darci’s pasta sauce and found sales increased 306% in one week and 785% by four weeks.

Associated New York State Food Processors

Later in March, CCT Managing Partner James Bach and President Brandon Bach participated in a virtual fireside chat hosted by Associated New York State Food Processors (ANYSFP), a statewide organization representing a major portion of the state’s processed food industry.

Tom Seymour, Vice President of the ANYSFP sat down with Jim and Brandon to talk about the development of the EEASY Lid, research and real-world use cases and EEASY Lid features that are driving market traction.

Tom kicked off the discussion by noting that the EEASY Lid is a “game changer – a neat premium closure that drives inclusivity.”

Brandon demonstrated how the EEASY Lid works and highlighted the tamper evident safety cues designed into the jar lid.

The interactive discussion then turned to the body of research CCT has commissioned which consistently shows that struggling to open jar lids is a near ubiquitous pain point for consumers. Brandon also reported research reveals consumers overwhelmingly prefer the EEASY Lid and would recommend the packaging to family and friends.

Tom pointed to the Boyers Food Market use case where sales of Darci’s jarred pasta sauce featuring the EEASY Lid increased 306% in one week and 785% by four weeks.

Jim then discussed the durability of EEASY Lid, noting that jarred products with EEASY Lid closures have been shipped all around the world with no damage to lids and no issues with the jars.

Tom noted that these real-world use cases and applications should make it easier for brands thinking about moving to this type of closure.

The topic of sustainability was also discussed. Brandon and Jim explained how the EEASY Lid aligns with the sustainability goals and initiatives operational in nearly every consumer-packaged goods (CPG) company. Made with 100% aluminum and lighter in weight than a tin plate lid, EEASY Lid is 100% recyclable, and its light weight saves fuel during transport – all of which can help CPGs reduce their carbon footprint.

The discussion also touched on the manufacturing line assessments CCT offers at no cost to help fillers adapt production lines to run the EEASY Lid.

The virtual fireside chat closed out with Brandon and Jim highlighting that CCT’s brokerage teams in both the U.S. and Europe are fielding a lot of interest in the EEASY Lid because of the sustainability and inclusivity designed into this packaging innovation.

Trend Hunter

In April, the EEASY Lid was featured in Trend Hunter, a platform attracting 20,000 monthly views which highlights innovative ideas, viral news, and pop culture.

Headlined “Button-Equipped Easy-Removal Lids,” the article highlighted that the “EEASY Lid Vacuum Seals Containers and Opens Easily.”

The piece goes on to detail how the EEASY Lid’s revolutionary design, which includes a special release button for easy opening, is user-friendly and boasts vacuum seal capabilities to keep products fresh.

The piece also pointed out that the EEASY Lid is “ideal for those with mobility limitations, as it requires little hand strength to open and close.”

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