Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The Inspiration Behind the EEASY Lid and Inclusive Packaging

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we can’t help but look back on the inspiration behind the EEASY Lid and our quest for inclusive packaging.

Did you know that the idea for the EEASY Lid was born when a good friend came to our co-founder after undergoing treatment for breast cancer?

After surgery, Dawn Real struggled to complete everyday tasks, including opening packaging like vacuum sealed jars. Realizing there must be more people out there like Dawn, our team spent the next eight years developing the EEASY Lid so that simple tasks – like opening a stubborn jar – can be accessible to everyone, no matter age, gender, or physical capability.

Dawn provided insight into cancer survivors’ and patients’ daily lives and everyday struggles, which struck a chord with our team to create an all-inclusive jar lid. Cancer can create harsh physical limitations, and those who suffer from it want to feel as normal as possible – even if it is something as simple as being able to open a stubborn jar to make a meal for their family.

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