Industry Trends: Tamper-Evident Packaging

Since the pandemic began last March, the health and safety of goods became more of a priority for many consumers, retailers and manufacturers to minimize the spread of COVID-19. This increase in awareness around goods remaining safe while being transported, coupled with the increase in delivery and e-commerce throughout the country, has led many manufacturers to redevelop their packaged products to include tamper-evident packaging. What is tamper-evident packaging? According to Industrial Packaging, tamper-evident packaging is when a packaged product alerts a consumer that an item has been tampered with in some manner by leaving behind specific evidence. A couple of common examples are when the lid of a glass jar doesn’t make that audible, recognizable ‘pop’ sound when opened or [...]

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Industry Trends: Packaging Automation

Automation in packaging has been a part of the industry for quite some time now. However, the pandemic has put a new emphasis on the importance of automation in the production line. With the ability to increase the efficiency of production, while simultaneously keeping employees safe and production costs low, packaging robotics and advanced technologies are taking the industry by storm with new innovations constantly being released. According to Robotics Tomorrow, the global packaging robotics industry will reach a staggering $4.65 billion by the year 2023 and will potentially increase to $7.6 billion by 2027. This astounding surge is due to advanced packaging technology becoming a vital aspect to manufacturers’ competitive edge in the market during the pandemic and beyond. [...]

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Industry Trends: Increase in Metal Packaging

As the packaging industry heads into an era of sustainability in 2021, one of the most prominent changes to occur is the rise of metal packaging. Due to its ability to be recycled, aluminum and steel are being chosen over plastic for packaging materials, with aluminum taking the lead due to its ability to be 100% recycled. The recyclability of metal over plastic is the driving force behind the rise of metal packaging. According to an article in Packaging World, 75% of the aluminum that has ever been produced on earth is still being used today. Steel is not far behind its recyclability, yet it is still not as reusable as aluminum. The US Environmental Protection Agency reported that 73% [...]

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Top 2021 Packaging Trends

Due to the pandemic, 2020 saw an unexpected shift that left many manufacturers and operators scrambling to meet the surge in demand of packaged goods and takeout/delivery meals. Entering the new year, the packaging industry is responding to the challenges that arose in 2020 with new innovation, design and materials – trends that are shaping the packaging industry for the better and will be here to stay well beyond the pandemic.   Sustainability Possibly the most popular trend that will continue into 2021 is sustainable packaging. Consumers everywhere have started to take note of the materials used in products and are beginning to opt for brands that practice sustainable packaging. Heading into 2021, we are now seeing this trend take [...]

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Industry Trends: Private Label Brands

One of the rising trends the packaging world saw coming out of 2020 was the increase in popularity of private label brands. Pre-pandemic, private label brands already were seeing strong sales, however, COVID-19 accelerated the growth of sales for private label companies at an impressive rate. There are many factors that played into the rise of private label brands, especially supply shortages and wage cuts. Consumer buying behavior that was influenced by these factors is expected to continue rising into the next decade. An article from Forbes details the rise of two popular private labels, Trader Joe’s and Target’s new food line, during the pandemic. According to the article, supply shortages of large name brand items forced consumers to turn [...]

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The Future of Packaging

One of the recurring themes we realized while studying the evolution of packaging is the constant need for innovation to coincide with shifting consumer needs. Not too long ago we dove into the history of packaging and saw how the industry has evolved into the global market that it is today. As we head into 2021, consumer behaviors have once again influenced the packaging world and the industry is expected to see some changes in the coming future. Fueled by a global pandemic that has impacted almost all aspects of a consumer’s life, manufacturers and companies have had to adapt to new trends and create new opportunities for a safe buying and packaging experience. It is important to note that [...]

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Industry Trends: Circular Products

As we’ve stated in our recent posts, many manufacturers are beginning to shift their sustainability efforts due to the change in consumer behavior over the years. One of these shifts is the re-purposing of plastic within products and packaging. Plastic has been the main source of containers and packaging for over 50 years and is an integral part of keeping our goods safe while in transport and for storage. However, we know that the increased use of plastic has had a negative effect on our oceans, rivers, streets and overall environment. A recent article from Unilever – one of the world’s largest packaging distributors – tackled this issue by determining that the packaging and consumer goods industries need to transition [...]

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The Evolution of Packaging

While we may not think about it, packaging plays a huge role in our lives. All of our everyday items like food, beverages, toiletries and more are purposefully packaged with longevity and protection in mind for consumers. Originating around 3,500 years ago, it has been fascinating to see how not only packaging products and materials have evolved, but also how the packaging industry as a whole has evolved to adapt and meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. Take a look below at how packaging has evolved over the years, ending with our EEASY Lid – the first jar lid innovation in over 75 years – and our next major advancement for the packaging industry. Packaging is Introduced About 3,500 years [...]

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How Small Businesses and Manufacturers Can Stay Competitive in The Packaging Industry

As one of the world’s most popular industries, packaging has plenty of growth potential for old and new businesses that are in the market. However, despite its potential for constant growth, the industry experiences a large unequal distribution of profit between its players. For large suppliers, the competition is scarce, and it doesn’t take much to gain resources, brand loyalty and significant profit. Unfortunately, for smaller companies, it’s quite a tough industry to navigate and the playing field can become hard to compete in. In an article published by Packaging Strategies, key tips and tricks are discussed on how smaller companies can help differentiate themselves from larger suppliers within the industry. One of these tips includes being competitively different, meaning [...]

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Industry Trends: The Importance of Sustainable Packaging

Over the past few years, the environmental impact of packaging has gained importance across the industry. Many manufacturers are beginning to seek out new approaches to allow for more sustainable packaging solutions, creating a high demand for new innovative technology. One of these new approaches is the use of aluminum over steel, plastic, or other products that aren’t environmentally friendly. A recent article from Packaging World highlights this growing need for sustainable packaging among product manufacturers and the shifts that are starting to take place within the industry. The article details the new product from Perfect Hydration – an ultra-purified water company—that launched a recyclable aluminum can. Perfect Hydration specifically created a product using aluminum because it is 100% recyclable [...]

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